Superior Quality, Superior Branding

Branded apparel  is what we know best at Brandtrade, the sweet spot if you will in what we do to help companies increase their brand awareness and exposure in the marketplace.

About Us

Brandtrade specialises in the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of sport and corporate apparel, equipment, accessories and services. The business supply to those who proudly want to wear their heart on their sleeve or better yet, over their own hearts.

We at Brandtrade strive to exceed customer expectations, creating value by establishing relationships of trust and providing solutions, and offer only the best quality service helping you build your brand and offer a wide range of products.

Brandtrade together with, Exocet has a proud Southern Cape heritage with more than 20 years experience within the industry.

We are proudly affiliated with two factories within the Cape Town area making use of industry leading production processes. A combination of local manufacturing and supplies from our partners help us serve our clients needs.

Create Your Own Style

Awesome looking branded or logo clothing says something about the culture of your business. The look and feel of the custom apparel items Brandtrade will hand curate for you depending on your style, needs and budget speak volumes about who you are as a company and how you might interact with customers. For example, embroidered polo shirts and button down dress shirts convey a professional, business-casual yet still corporate look. A distressed vintage t-shirt on the other hand might appeal to business-owners of a different demographic, conveying a youthful, energetic, retro style that’s fun and comfortable. No matter what your industry, Omaha Promos has the marketing savvy and experience to get you into just the right logo wear!

Our Brands